Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Perfectly Pink Roses

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I am so glad to have you visit today!  Good Morning!
It is a beautiful day here in Southern Indiana.
I have had the windows open all week... Highs in the low 80s!
As you can see we have had a bit of rain this week.  It has refreshed the garden so wonderfully.  I have even been planting the shrubs I had been watering in my containers.  The transplanted roses have been doing wonderfully.  I am glad to have them tucked into their permanent homes.  

All in all this week I moved six roses into this area.  It is now at full capacity!  After those weeks of high temps and no rain I am rethinking the garden watering situation. 

 I have basically decided I have two types of gardens.  One that can be overhead watered by aerators and one that has to be watered from the roots (all the roses.)  So with a bit of trepidation I moved two large four year old roses from an established bed by our garage into the rose garden area.  Wow, was that a chore.  Lets just say they were happy there.  I got as much of the roots as I could and they look fine since transplanting.  Of course there are two huge holes in the beds now.  I am replacing them with evergreens.  Boring I know, but with winter coming I need more green in the long months ahead.

But it is a bit hard to let go of the idea of roses all around the house.   I cannot tell you how many roses I have killed by moving them or planting them in areas where they did not get enough sun.  I know I had six roses in the front walk when I first did my landscaping and I think they are all gone now.  Blackspot is a major issue when roses are crowded, watered overhead or just too wet of an area.  I don't know about you, but I want this garden to be as easy to take care of as it can be.  So all of the 'fancy' roses will be together and anywhere else will have landscape roses.  

So here is my thinking this morning....  All the hybrid teas need to be on my south facing side with protection from the wind and as much sun as I can give them. No roses at all on the North side and only landscape roses can make it on the west side of the house.  I have had really good luck with the fairy roses facing west.  But I need to amend the soil in that area, so reseeding annuals and groundcover will do for a few more years.

What else has been on my garden chore list?  Lots and lots of seeds.  Sewing, storing and sharing.  With these past few rains I think most of my garden is okay and will come back next year.  But just to make sure I am keeping seed that in past years I did not mess with.  I will share them with my garden club and friends.  I don't know if I will mess with trying to sell them this year or not.  

I am still thinking of selling iris and daylilies this winter on Ebay.  I have bought so many of mine thru auctions.  I need to divide them anyway, so I am going to share them with whomever would enjoy them.  I would have them priced moderately.  I am thinking $5-7 for the hybrid irises and about $4-6 for the fancy daylilies.  

Let me know your experiences at buying or selling plants online.  I would be interested in any comments or suggestions.  Thanks so much.... Enjoy the post!

"Perfect Pink Roses"

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  1. Your roses are lovely. I like your thinking re plans for the garden and their watering needs. Here in the Pacific Northwest, growing roses is a challenge because of the battle with black spot and other fungal diseases. Still, I love my roses and couldn't live without them.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  2. Oh my goodness, your roses look like a garden catalogue!! Thanks for linking up!


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