Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ode to Common Garden Phlox...

So this week at church I had a neighbor ask me about growing phlox.  Why does hers keep disappearing?  Well, to be honest, mine does too.  I have planted the fancy Magenta ones that are so beautiful in the nursery.  But here around my part of the country, I am not seeing it in gardens year after year.  What I am seeing is good old fashioned garden phlox.  Loads and loads of it.  Bushels of it.  And for good reason.  It is tough, it self seeds, it is pretty and it smells fantastic.  

Do I still grow the 'fancy' ones.  Yes and no.  I have 'David' (white) and 'Eva Cullumn' (pink) and they do come back, but not as robust as the old fashioned kind.  So here is my thought, if it ain't broke don't fix it.  If you can get a start of phlox from a friend or marked down, go for it.  But if you have a start of the old fashioned purple ones, you will probably have it in your garden for life.

No don't go getting in a huff about it self-seeding.  It is easy to pull up and it can take the heat and humidity of Indiana summers.  Let it grow, transplant it.... it will bloom when most of everything else is finished.  That is wonderful news to me!

Now, some gardeners have said it can get powdery mildew.  But that has never been a problem for me here.  But if it does start to look yucky there is some sprays you can use.   I'd just cut it back and let it rebloom.      

One more thought, it can be a bit tall and fall over, so plant it in the back of the border.  Or be like me and just let it drape under your roses.  I love a good blooming groundcover!

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  1. I enjoy tried and true plants! Your phlox is a lovely color that is a delight on a hot august day!

  2. Beautiful shots!
    I've never grown phlox but it sounds easy and that works for me. :)

  3. I love old fashioned phox, they add a great cottage feel to the garden. Your pictures are so pretty.

  4. Due to the drought, ours bloomed about a month ago. Yours look lovely.

  5. That's a clever idea about using the shade tent for your roses.

    I hope you get some much needed rain. We were lucky to have gotten a bit of rain overnight here in Iowa.

    The phlox looks so dainty; I wouldn't have realized the "garden phlox" would be as hardy as it is.

  6. They are pretty!


  7. I love phlox! Years ago I dug it up by the roadside to plant in my garden ( where I used to live )

    New home, a few years ago...planted the nursery variety and it held for about two years. This year I bought some more but they are done for now unless they re-bloom for the fall ..not sure ...

  8. Thank you so much for linking up to the Garden Party yesterday! there is just something about the blooms on a phlox....just so pretty! xoox, tracie

  9. Lovely photos, lovely advice...Thanks♫♪

  10. Great photography of your phlox. Also, your blog banner is so creative with all of the embellishments adding interest.

    Visiting from Home and Garden Thursday.

  11. Brooke, These are so very lovely! Gorgeous photos, I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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