Friday, August 10, 2012

Follow Friday #3

Hello again dear friends and new readers.
It is time to share some more wonderful sites to enjoy...  
I can't wait for you to see them!
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Okay, lets get started!


giant pink mandevillea

Deborah is a landscape designer in Detroit.  I fell in love with her containers and garden decor ideas.  Love the use of color and texture on this amazing blog.  You will be amazed!

rudbeckia august morning  2000

agastache august morning  2001

Ryan Millers Garden  1975

Agastache Pennisetum Sumac Geranium

Okay, I am in awe of this garden and the photographer.  I think Scott is the Thomas Kincade of the Garden Photographer world.  He is the master of art and has a fantastic design eye.  A must follow garden blog.

 Can you say vivid, excellent, fantastic photographs.  And she is a fellow rose gal.  What's not to love?  You will ooooohhhh and aaaawwwweee like I do!

Carol is the whole package.  County garden with breath-taking vistas.  Wonderful plantings and wildlife posts.  I love her photos and she has a fantastic blog.  Enjoy!!

If I have featured your site, please feel free to grab the tag.

Can't wait to show you more great blogs to follow next Friday!
Come back and visit then.

Happy Gardening....Brooke

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  1. Thaks for sharing these. I think I have only seen one out of the four but I will be visiting them today! Hope your weekend is great! Carol


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