Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Favorite Flowers - 'Lucy' and other Altheas

These first few pictures are from last August, I wish my grass looked like that last year!  
The middle ones close to the house are from this week...
This week I wanted to feature what is blooming a fantastic magenta pink in the garden....  It is my 'Lucy' Althea or Rose of Sharon.  (Hibiscus syriacus 'Lucy) 
 I can certainly see why they call these "roses", they are beautiful in bloom and that color is just fantastic.
 I have three of these shrubs.  Two are down at the firepit rock garden and the other is outside my family room window.
 Here is a close up of its double blooms, so pretty.
The one pictured above is just over a year in the ground, so they fill in quickly.

 Here in Indiana treat them like a crepe myrtle..... left alone they are a huge  multi-branched shrub of 15 by 15 feet tall.  But they can easily be trimmed all the way to the ground in early spring to be four feet tall by flowering season in late summer.
They can also be trained as a small tree, which I prefer.  I will more than likely cut all of this new one back to one leader then tape it to a stake and make it into a tree.  But for now it is giving me some height and loads of color. 

I know several gardeners have been turned off by Altheas.  But I have not had any problems with 'Lucy' self seeding everywhere like other varieties do.  Best of all is it can handle the heat and sun.  All of my Altheas have took this drought and still look good.  That for me says they will be a part of my garden for years to come.  

Other varieties I grow and have really good luck with are....

'Red Heart', pictures from 2011.

And 'Blue Satin'.... which is much more blue in person.

(Sorry a few pictures are a bit blurry.  Having some camera issues this week.) 

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Happy Gardening....Brooke


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  1. I am experiencing a new found love of altheas and you have some lovely cultivars here... I especially like 'Lucy'... or should I say 'I love Lucy'! Larry

  2. Your landscaping is so pretty! Love the flowers.

  3. Wow! Beautiful garden and the gladys are awesome ~ Excellent photography ~ ~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  4. I discovered your blog at Fishtail Cottage....such a lovely garden and great tips on the plants. Thank you!

  5. I have several Rose of Sharon in more of a hedge form -- they have weathered the drought fairly well. xo

  6. Very nice...what a place! So pretty.

  7. Where did you exactly found this attractive collection of flowers? Can you suggest some ideas about fabric flowers


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