Monday, August 13, 2012

Favorite Flowers - Limelight Hydrangea

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Today I am writing about one of my favorite shurbs in my garden.  Limelight Hydrangea.  It is a must have in my book.  So many would say every garden should have a knockout rose, will I would add this one to that list.  It is that Fantastic.  That Easy.  And that Beautiful.

Here are a few more positive things about this hydrangea versus the old fashioned ones you might have grown-----------

1.  It blooms on new wood.  So you will get blooms even if it frosts late in the Spring.

2.  It does not droop.  It is upright and has woody branches.  It does not require support.

3. The soil does not affect the color of the blooms.  They will be this color no matter where you live.

4.  It can take more sun.  It actually looks better with a bit of sun, but still it will need watering.

5.  It is loaded with blooms, seriously, tons of blooms.

6.  It blooms for weeks and weeks.  Want long seasons of interest?  This is your plant.

7.  You will have so many blooms you will actually cut them to dry or have as fresh flowers.
I will do an upcoming post about drying hydrangeas, this one is a really good one for that.

8.  It shows up well from a distance.  That yellow-lime-white-buttery color of the blooms really pops in the garden.

9.  It looks good with many styles of landscape.

10.  It is tough and handled the drought here with very little damage or stress.

And my own personal favorite, it is a reasonable plant to purchase.  Around here they are very common and can be added to your garden for around $10.  They can be large, give them 8 ft by 6 ft area.  I do trim up the under branches of mine so you can see the hostas.  It only needs this once per year and it looks better after shaping.  

Limelight is a paniculata hydrangea, meaning woody stemmed.  I grow several more of these including Bombshell, Pinky-Winky, Strawberry Vanilla and Pink Diamond.  I love them all, but I might have to say Limelight is the easiest to grow and stands out in this list.  

Tell me if you agree and how it does in your garden!

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  1. I love that hydrangea as well. I just posted about using the cuttings in a flower box on my blog that you may want to check out.They are just so plentiful that I always have more than enough blooms to cut and share with friends.


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