Monday, August 27, 2012

A Bit More Tropical Sunshine....

Hello dear readers!
Hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather.
Who knew August could be so lovely?
I might just have to change it to one of my favorite months!

Today I am continuing my Favorite Flowers series with a rose called 'Tropical Sun.'
It is a newer rose from Jackson and Perkins.  What I love about this rose is its wonderful rainbow of colors. It will start out a true yellow with orange tips, then fade to a pale cream with lovely dark pink edges.

This rose ages remarkably well in the garden.  It keeps its petal and can handle wind and rain.  I love the mottling that it does, adding a unique look to the blooms.  I will be doing a follow up post on this rose soon as well.  

It is a medium sized bush with a light sweet smell.  I especially like the dark glossy foliage on this rose, very striking in contrast to its blooms.

This is the second post I have done on this rose, please see the first one here...

Here it is in the rose garden, it is the closest rose, front left corner.  As you can see it is lovely in the mix of colors, matching several different colors of roses.  I hope you might consider it for your garden as well.


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  1. Such a nice collection of flowers they are really beautiful....


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