Saturday, July 21, 2012

Praying for rain....

Welcome Dear Readers and New Friends.
Today it has been a week since out little shower of an inch of rain.  
The grass breathed a brief sigh of relief then the heat came on full force this week to back over 100. 
That has been our only rain since the first days of May and everything is burning up.  This week has been in the 90s which is better.  But those two weeks of extreme highs of 105 just did us in.
The crops here are so bad many are turning them over, not using  the fuel to harvest.  What is producing looks pitiful and yields will be poor.
We have watched the weather and seen showers come so close we could smell the rain but nothing fell here.  
And unfortunately we have lost trees and evergreens and I fear more will die in the coming weeks.
So today I am thankful for what blooms I have in the garden.  These pictures were taken minutes ago.  I have used a filter to blur them a bit.  We've got a bit is sunburn here and there, but still the show continues.   But I have slowed down in my watering to just close to the house.  The beds by the road are toast.  I am only watering the roses and front walk.  We have a well and it has been fine, but we just cannot risk loosing the water to our home.  I know I am not alone in this and many are in the same situation.  Just know my heart goes out to all the farmers and those who are loosing work because of this weather.  

I think I will never complain about it raining again, ever.  As always, think about the animals and livestock, check on your neighbors and such.  I had been wanting to get some guineas this week, but have decided to wait till next spring.  I can't justify keeping them even in the shade in this heat.  I love the idea of them roaming the property and eating the ticks.  But that will have to wait till next year.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comments.

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  1. Brooke I enjoyed your video and hearing your voice! You have one of those sweet voices that I wish I always had!

    We are all praying for rain it seems. WE actually got a trace to day but not enough to make a big difference. It seems to skirt around us.

    The awning thing is a great idea to help those pretty roses! I may have to resort to doing something similar if things don't get better soon!

    Oh I couldn't find how to turn off the bird sounds to listen to your video- I looked all over but....just listened to them and you!

    bee blessed


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