Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fresh Blooms in the Rose Garden

 Hello dear readers and new friends!
I have been busy with family this past week and having a but of connection problems with my internet.  But wanted to share with you an few, okay more than a few pictures of the rose garden this week.  Everything is putting on a new flush of blooms and happening all at once.  So look for more closeups to come.  But for now here is a look around.  Notice the difference between my garden beds and the grass-less desert that previously was our yard.  So sad.

Update- Still horrible dry, no rain to report.  We have lost several more trees this week and I have been digging struggling shrubs up if they are new to the garden.   Been repotting them in fresh soil in my 'plant hospital' under the deck.  High today at 99, 103 for tomorrow.  No end in sight.  

Queen Elizabeth Rose

Nearly Wild Rose

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