Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Favorite Flowers–‘Raspberry Swirl’ Rose

I have been enjoying sharing with my readers my favorite plants to grow.  This one is especially fun, because it is a fabulous rose called ‘Raspberry Swirl’.

This was a new introduction last year and part of my test roses.  I did not have any information when I planted it, not even the color.  When it bloomed for the first time wow was I surprised!

These big, full hot pink beauties look like they have been tie-died. 

Each one is different and they can be lighter or darker depending on the temperatures.  But wow, they are just gorgeous.

As you can see they have nice foliage as well, dark green and healthy.  What you see is sevin dust for bugs, but it is a strong rose and easy to grow.   This one is not too tall, about 4 feet tops.

All of the above pictures are from the last week in the garden….  But these from here on are favorites from pervious blooms…  I just love to photograph this rose!
These pictures are from last fall and see how it looks softer.
Light or dark the blooms are stunning and they smell really good as well.
IMG_1923 copy
This is why I grow roses my friends, blooms just like this take my breath away.
IMG_1925 copy
And look how beautiful the buds are.
IMG_1933 copy
If you are looking for a special new addition to your rose garden, I think this one might be just the one!
Happy Gardening….Brooke
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  1. I just found your blog and love it :) I have recently become a rose addict! The house across the street from me was bank owned for a year but had a front yard full of rose bushes. I snuck over frequently and filled my house with them! When the new owners moved in I confessed I had been enjoying them and he said well pick all you want cause we're tearing them out :( He then suggested I dig them up and take them! They were hugely overgrown but my two teenagers and I got to work and transplanted 15 rose bushes. All but two survived and I cannot even express the joy that those flowers give me. I am out in my garden everyday just marveling at their beauty and my good luck! I love how you showed pictures of your roses with a name and description. I am searching my smallish yard for where I can add more and I have picked a couple from your wonderful blog that I want to get now! Your porch and yard with the lake within sight is my absolute dream! I'll be back to see what you are up to :)Michelle


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