Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wildflower Wednesday - June

Welcome to a hot, dry Wednesday in Indiana.
My area has been one of the hardest hit in the Nation this summer.
Here is the latest drought map and we are smack in the RED.
Not a good place to be.  

So my full time job has been dragging the hose 
this summer.  Our grass is completely burnt up, 
but so far I have kept the blooms coming along.  
Here is a virtual garden walk I did last night giving 
you a good look around....

And here is a few pics of my wildflower bed out by the road....

Thanks so much for stopping by and please pray for rain for so many of our garden friends.  I know I am not alone in this battle.  Here is the map of all the US.

US Drought Monitor, June 19, 2012

Again I am in the Red, Drought - Extreme.  
We're Praying we will not go into the Brown, which is the most you can go.  
Many of our friends and neighbors are farmers, 
and they are beside themselves over this weather.

Thanks again for stopping by....Brooke
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  1. We are dry here and extremely hot for June. I'm pulling the hose here, too. We had a huge fire out southeast of here on Monday, so we are not just mountain fires in Colorado. Yes, we are praying for rain here.♥♫

  2. I am so sorry Brooke. It's terrible out there...and here. We all need a break and soon. I plant natives, they can take the drought, but, they cannot take no rain ever! Good luck; I think of dragging hoses as my upper body workout! Maybe that will help. gail

  3. I've been watering all week - but each newscast on local TV is listing grass fires - shutting down major roads for hours. Stay cool...

  4. Your wildflower bed looks beautiful - such an oasis amid the drought.

    It's awful here too, though we have had two good, soaking rains in the last two months. It hasn't been enough, especially with the record-breaking heat, but it's definitely better than nothing. I do hope the rains may yet come. Gardens, and farmers in drought-stricken areas really need a break.


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