Friday, June 29, 2012

The Heat Is On…. Unfortunately

(This lovely plant is called Rudbeckia  ‘Cherokee Sunset’ or Gloriosa Daisy.  Isn’t it lovely?  One of my new favorites, I will be dividing it in the fall to add to more places in the garden.)
From our local news…. 
We smashed a record high on Thursday with 107-degrees knocking out 102 set in 1936. Record highs likely over the next 3-days.
Heat wave with temperatures greater than 100-degrees will persist into next week. An elevated fire danger will continue until further notice.
I wish I had better news to report about our area…. but I don’t.  Still no rain, sweltering heat.  Many compare it to Arizona weather.  Very dry heat, not enough moisture for humidity, which makes it strange for Indiana.  Add to that we have had some wind gust, making watering from the hose dry out that much faster.
But aside from all that, my garden is holding its own.  That comes from over an hour of slow watering a day working my way around the house.  I am doing each bed every three days and that seems to be working for me.
Only the areas with hydrangeas and containers are watered daily and some days twice a day.
I have set up an ‘plant hospital’ under the deck and all of my containers have been removed from the deck, anywhere from the sun.  I simply could not keep up.
After a few days rest they popped back up and look much better.  I am not in any hurry to carry them back up, they actually are so much easier all in one spot!
But the pictures I am sharing are from last Saturday along the back of the house.  It is planted very densely and I truly think that helps… keeping whatever moisture and shading the roots.  All of these plants are sun-lovers and mostly drought resistant.
This dry spell has really got me thinking about my garden in a new way.  I will be considering moving or removing many one time bloomers or water hungry plants for more grasses or sedums.  Groundcover has been a godsend and any places I still have mulch between the plants are where it looks the worse.  I will be letting my shrubs grow un clipped for additional shade… and as soon as I can possibly add more trees I will do so.  This being full sun with little shade is killing me this year. 
But life goes on outside of the garden.  Hubby hasn’t been mowing for a month now, and his golf game in the backyard is in full swing.  The lake feels wonderful and most weekends we are in it several times a day.  With the holiday coming up there will be visitors and cookouts and such….  I hope you can still take time to enjoy your garden and appreciate your efforts.  I know how much work it is, but keep going, it will be worth it if it ever cools down.

Happy Gardening….Brooke

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