Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Blooming Cottage Garden Flowers

Spring Blooming Cottage Flowers….
What a fantastic topic!  I could go on with lists for days, but here are a few for you to consider for your garden.  For more pictures of Spring in my garden… Click here.

To me when I think about cottage garden flowers, one of the top on my list is Foxglove.
Here you can see mine growing with Verbascums.  I am especially enjoying the purple and white together.
But as you can see I grow pink as well.  I start them from seed this time of year, following mother nature’s plan.  When the plants set seed, I help them out with additional seed where I want them to be next year.  Since they come up in late summer and then winter over, they will bloom next year if I am lucky.  It is well worth the effort in my book. 

Many times people do not think of seeding in late spring for next years blooms, but for things like Foxglove, Sweet William, Columbines, Wallflowers, Honesty, Canterbury Bells, Dame's Rocket, Rose Campion, ect… Right now is the time to be looking for seeds.  

A good source for foxglove seed online (and tons of other seeds) for very little money is Groco Seeds on Ebay. I also shop at Betty Jean’s Garden, Specialty Seeds, Mow’s Garden, 1 Lucky 1972 and Cal’s Seeds.
This I did not do from seed, but I am enjoying this week is Veronica 'Giles Van Hees' or Pink Speedwell. Last year I divided mine into several areas where I could stand out and not be lost in the masses.  This has helped this plant shine in the garden this year. 
Knautia (Pincushion Flower) ‘Red Knight’ is very different from any pincushion flower I have every grown.  It is HUGE, reaching up to 4’ tall.  I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying it lovely blooms, butterflies are so beautiful landing on it.   I am hoping to get some great pictures of pollinators on this fantastic flower.
‘Windsor Castle’ French Hollyhock is just starting to bloom.  I am in love with it’s oversized magenta flowers.  I enjoy it so much I did an entire post on it….  
Speaking of growing from seed again…. here is more Sweet William.  I am loving this combination with the blue irises.  See this post for more of my Sweet William blooms this year….
So here is a bit of the front of the rose garden area.  You can see my little dwarf penstemons barbatus 'Rondo’ are in full bloom.  These are a bit hard to find, but so worth the effort.  I have enjoyed them for 2-3 years.  Last year I divided them and it looks like all of them made it.
In the background is Pink Columbines, ‘Outta The Blue’ rose and ‘Swingtown’ Iris blooms.  But here you can see more of my classic pincushion flowers and penstemons.
All and all, I am loving all the colors in the Spring Garden.  Hope you have been inspired to try something new for your garden!
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Happy Gardening….Brooke
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