Saturday, May 19, 2012

May Blooms on the Butterfly Hill…

May is a beautiful time for the butterfly hill.  It goes from spring bulbs and irises to multiple shades of pinks, purples and blues.  Lets go take a look….
This area is almost 4 years old at the top, but only two years old farther down the hill.  It overlooks the lake and is a favorite place to sit and watch the garden.
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Happy Gardening…Brooke

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  1. How gorgeous, Brooke. I guess I didn't realize looking at your video tour before that your back yard was so steep. It is just beautiful and you have done a great job to tie it into the lower areas. Love it! xo Diana

    1. Yes, the far side behind the driveway drops off quite a bit. I have rolled down that hill more than once! If you sit a bucket or anything down... you have to chase it once it starts rolling. But it makes it pretty for the plants, you can see everything!

  2. My garden is mostly pinks and purples too. I see you grow Evening Primrose too. I threw some seeds down last year, and this year it's blooming like crazy. I think it's lovely, but I understand it can be a problem, has that been your experience?

    1. It is AGGRESSIVE, but pretty. It spreads like crazy, but does not choke anything out. It is very much a wildflower bed type plant. Never use it unless you want it everywhere. But it can be beautiful, and it makes the beds look full and lush. This area can be really dry and rocky, it does fantastic with no care what-so-ever. I cut it back once it finishes blooming.

  3. I am so in awe of your garden. I love all the angles and beautiful blooms. It is quite a hill you have there. So cool!

  4. I love your use in the one flower bed of the dark green evergreen dwarf shrub surrounded by the pink flowers--that is very pretty together. What a lovely garden you have!

    1. I am adding more evergreens every season when I find them on sale or do cuttings. I love to have something green in the winter. They are finally getting big enough to notice. Thanks so much!

  5. Brooke, thank you for showing your gorgeous garden at Your Cozy Home Party. Everything looks so well tended. I was very impressed with your video tour. You sound very professional and have a nice voice. I am southern born and bred so you can imagine what my video would sound like. Hee hee. Have a great week!---Shannon

  6. This bed is just so pretty! I bet it would be a special place to sit and look at the lake- you're very lucky.

    I do like the way the evening primrose fills areas with it's pretty blooms...but I'm too scared to plant it. :-)


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