Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It was a good day UNTIL… A “Notes From A Country Garden” Video

Welcome to May in my Southern Indiana garden.  The weather has been darn near perfect and I have been enjoying many hours working in the garden. 

 Thus, the title of todays “Notes from a Country Garden” video----  
‘It was a good day until….’


Click play to view….
You’ll have to watch it to find out what happened!
As you can see, it is a beautiful time for blooms.  May is always a good month in the garden.  I have enjoyed many visitors this year.  I have an event this weekend here and a garden club is coming next weekend for a tour. 
I feel I am pretty much ready.  We should be, we’ve had since early March to work in the gardens!  But I have been deadheading and mulching a bunch this week.  The gardens always shine with a bit of elbow grease!
Click this one to view it full size.  It gives you an idea of how the entire border looks this week.
Here is a picture of the old-fashioned white hearty geranium I talked about in the video.
I think I use to know the name of this one, but I cannot remember it now.
Love to use blue in the garden, they just light up this corner.  Thanks so much for stopping by and please consider following to get my updates!

Happy Gardening....Brooke
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  1. Hi Brooke, I just knew that you were going to show a snake. Yes, they are crawling now. I was out working Saturday in the backyard and I saw one as well. I needed to trim roses back, and was reluctant to for awhile as the creepy crawly went into the rose garden. My hubby says that they don't stay around long. I, like you have a lot of flowers around the house, so you know that one has to to be hiding somewhere.
    Love your blog and your beautiful flowers. Just breathtaking!
    Sandra in Ga.

  2. You have such beautiful gardens!
    Mary Alice

  3. I have many of the same plants and edge my gardens with rock as well. We must be kindred gardening spirits.

  4. Hello Brooke,

    You have the most beautiful flower beds, a real inspiration to me
    ...I think the garden club tour will be in awe, I know I am, I went out and bought as many plants as I could fit in my car today as a result of seeing your garden, filled with so much eye candy :D

    P.S. I would most definitely scream like a girl ;) hehehe!

    Co Mica in Il.

  5. Hello Brooke,

    Your flower beds are so stunning, a true inspiration to me...I think the Garden Club will be in awe, I know I am. Today I went out and bought as many plants that would fit in my car as a result of seeing all the eye candy in your garden :D

    P.S. I would be screaming like a girl too ;) hehehe!

    Co from Il.

  6. I love your garden, so full and pretty. I am sure you enjoy bring some of that beauty inside. Visiting from Open House Party.

  7. Eeek!! I'd be screaming too. Those sneaky snakes always scare me when I see them in the garden.
    Other than that, I enjoyed touring your beautiful garden this morning. It is so peaceful.

  8. wow Brook! you have so many pretty blooms in your garden! thank you so much for sharing over here at Fishtail Cottage's Garden Party (although please keep the snakes at your place)lol xoxo, tracie

  9. You've got such a knack with those beautiful perennials! It takes some real planning to get them to all bloom together like that, you've got it down. I really enjoyed your beautiful garden!

  10. Gorgeous flower beds! Thank you so much for sharing at Rural Thursdays!

  11. Your garden is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing it with us ... it has been amazing watching you grow over the past few years.

    P.S> Great video! ;-)

  12. Brooke, Your garden is lovely but the snake freaks me out! Thanks for linking to the Open House party.


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