Tuesday, May 22, 2012

‘The Fairy’ Roses and Companions…

I decided to do a second post about my ‘The Fairy’ roses.  One just wasn’t enough!  I have 14 of them planted on the west facing side of my house.  That means they are in full shade till about noon, then full sun all the rest of the day.  This is an area that has drainage issues and is very dry and hot most of the time.  It is the hardest area to reach with the hose, so it only gets watered about once a week.  For that reason, most of the plants need to be tough and if possible drought resistant.  My fairy roses meet those challenges and more…  Take a look…
They start at the front corner of the house and you can see them from the walk to the porch.
And then they extend the entire width of the house, 12 planted every other with boxwoods dividing them.
After 4 years they have outgrown the boxwoods, but that gives me some winter interest.  They ramble quite a bit, I am considering giving them more support so they will grow up to the windows. 
In this area are several varieties of lilies, the first ones to bloom are ‘Lollypop’.
But I also do cottage style annual from seed like purple sweet alyssum, baby’s breath, moss roses, white yarrow, candytuft and salvias.
I also have white lavender and ‘Iceberg’ roses in the front of this border.
‘Sensation Rose’ salvia is one of my favorites.  I would rate it in my top 10 perennials in my garden for color, long blooming and drought resistant.
These roses are flushed with blooms right now, and they will slow down a bit… but they will never be out of bloom until a hard frost.  I do not deadhead these, they self clean fairly well.  I enjoy that they start out a true pink, then fade to almost white…. giving the look of multi-colored blooms.

Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Gardening…Brooke
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  1. Brooke- That is just a gorgeous garden there. I love the roses and how beautifully everything has filled in around them. Perfectly beautiful! xo Diana

  2. Thank you so much Diana. I have been meaning to write to you! I have been out of town on vacation and using my tablet, which is frustrating to type on. You are so sweet, I am so glad we have met each other online! It looks to me that blogger has fuzzed up a few of my pictures, I have been having trouble with resolution after my posts have loaded. Does this happen to anyone else, let me know.

  3. How beautiful your garden looks Brooke. I love your little Fairy Roses. The sure look pretty around the base of your home.

    1. Yes, I think I made the right choice. They are so healthy and vigorous.

  4. Your gardens are beautiful. I too love pink fairy roses. I have several around my home in different gardens. This is the year of the roses because they seem to be getting huge. I also could not resist and I bought four more pink and two white ones. They seem to be so easy to take care of or not. I also have to agree about the salvia, I have it in pink, purple and white and I love to transplant it in spring too.

    1. Your a girl after my own heart. Easy and long blooming are what we love!

  5. Will the Fairy Rose bloom all summer? I just picked up 2 of them ( $10 each) and the label says blooms Spring - Autumn . The label also shows them as being white? HELP!!!! I'm going to plant them under some dark pink knock-outs and hollyhocks out at the split rail fence garden near our pond.


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