Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Days in the sun…

(Click this one to view full size)

Since school is out things are a bit different here at the lake…

No early morning alarms ringing….
No 10 pm bedtimes….
There has been lots of sunny days….
Playing in the garden….
Oh wait!  That was me….

The girls have been watching tv and playing video games… lol!
But we have been enjoying some beautiful weather here in Southern Indiana.
We even got a bit of rain, not too much, but every little bit helps.
But cooler weather for sure.
Making me want to be outside, not cooking or cleaning… or anything productive.

I feel like I am on summer vacation too!
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Happy Gardening….Brooke
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  1. Your beds are gorgeous. I love the mix of perenniels you have gathered. What a wonderful way to spend the day.

  2. sooo beautiful!!!! loved walking through your garden with you! beautiful beds! watched your video, was that a poisonous snake? not sure what kind you have there!!


  3. Beautiful garden beds... just love the daylilies -- yours are so far ahead of ours in terms of blooms!

  4. Hello Brooke! Just enjoyed watching your video from my dark, cloudy Scottish garden. We’ve had a lot of sunshine here too and the many greens of my partially shaded garden look so lush today after a day of much needed rain yesterday.

    Just wanted to say I love your border plantings :-) I love the interest they afford bees and butterflies and the colours and textures of your plants that really please my eye too. Enjoy your summer garden :-D

  5. I am a daylily lover, and you certainly have a beautiful collection of them! Your garden is glorious!

  6. I like these sunny days as well. Many times I end up in the garden all day...if I can. It is my favorite place to be. Your lilies are gorgeous!

  7. Your flower beds are beautiful! I especially like the purple and orange complementary colors.
    --Happy to be following from Fertilizer Fridays


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