Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sweet William and White Irises… A delightful combination!

All along the road side of our house I planted Sweet William seed last spring.  Or maybe the fall before that, I can’t remember.  It has been there for awhile.  Last summer little clumps started popping up to my delight.  They were spread out quite well, all along this side of the house.  Best of all, they are evergreen… and added a bit of green to our not quite winter months this year. 
They started budding out in late March.  I was delighted.  They grew quite a bit taller, fuller…. oh this is going to be a show…. and I waited…. and waited…. and waited.
Apparently they must have been waiting for the irises to bloom with them…. because it is all happening at once.  Which is much better than I could have planned.
The iris I used all along this bed is ‘Immortality’, which reblooms in the late summer/ early fall and has a wonderful scent.  It is not quite as showy as some larger hybrid irises, but it is reliable and quite interesting to show visitors and iris than smells so wonderful. Speaking of smells, as you can see the white lavender is almost ready to bloom as well.
I have quite a bit of evergreens along this area, many are still small, but I want it to have interest all year. It is also the area all the large ‘The Fairy’ roses are, they look like they could burst any day, a few blooms are open already. They are quite a sight to see in spring bloom. I think there are 14 along this side of the house, they nearly touch the bottom of my windows.
Towards the porch we can see a young ‘Variegata’ weigela, mountain bluet, hearty geraniums and salvias in bloom.  I will have lilies all down this side of the house in a few weeks, they look great this year.
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Happy Gardening…Brooke

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  1. Just discovered your blog last week and absolutely love it. I am an avid gardner and live in Georgia. Love your white irises and all your gardens. What a beautiful setting and gardens, you have. Your blog brightens my day. Looking forward to all your posts. I love roses as well...

  2. By the way, my name is Sandra. I do not have a blog. I posted above as Anonymous. Your photography is just wonderful, and I wonder if you would mind sharing what type camera you are using. I do a lot of photography of my flowers as well and mine doesn't look as good as yours. Once again, I so enjoy your blog.

  3. Hi there Sandra, it is so nice to meet you. Thanks so very much for your comments. I use a three year old point and shoot Cannon Power Shot A590. When I got it, it was one of the better digital cameras out there, at 8 mega pixels. Of course, it is now outdated, but I have taken over 10,000 pictures with it and it has been the best camera I have ever used. I have been looking at much larger pixels and zoom.... pricey cameras and will be investing soon. But I hate to loose the small size of my Cannon. I can stick it in my pocket or purse and go. I will leave you with one more tip. To photograph flowers set it up like you are photographing faces. Use the setting with the image of the person (portrait) and for close up shots see if your camera has a 'micro' setting. Hope that helps!

    1. Thank you for your help. What fantastic pictures the Cannon Power Shot is taking. I have a Canon Rebel, and I think your camera is taking better photos. Great tips. Thanks so much. Sandra

  4. Your garden is beautiful..I really like I was walking in it as I listened to your blog's sound track. I like your white irisis and scarlet Sweet William flowers. Nice to meet you through Outdoor Wednesday!

  5. I used to be an avid gardener but as I age my body doesn't want to cooperate. I really enjoyed seeing this post.
    Joyce M


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