Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Blooming Combinations….A Before and After

My southern exposure back walk is in full bloom this month and I am delighted.  It has been through quite a few changes along the time I have worked with this bed. It is now approaching 4 years old, but was completely reworked two years ago. 

Picture 157

It started out as a wildflower style bed with two roses and oriental lily bulbs.  After having it a wild mess for two summers, I completely reworked it in 2010. 
Back walk 4.16.12

Here is how it looks this week.  Much improved huh?  The biggest difference is the bright flush of spring blooms.  It makes such an improvement.

As you can see, I am going for high-contrast and deep saturation.  With a white house, with white walkway, light colors get washed out in full south-facing sun.  I have what I call hot or primary colors here.  One of my favorites is reds.  This geum is fantastic against a sea of green foliage.

I think the variety is Mrs. Bradshaw.  It just blooms this time of year, but I enjoy it immensely and have started to divide it for bigger impact.

A bold pop of color is the yellow in my roses and irises.  Here you can see Alta California is lovely against the red and blue background blooms.

The birdhouse with 'Ville De Lyon' Clematis blooming this week.

 Here is the same area from earlier this month with the 'Welcome Home' roses blooming.

May Night Salvia is a show stopper this time of year.  You can get it to rebloom if you deadhead it.  I go around with scissors of an evening in early summer and it just takes a minute and it is worth if for blooms for another month or more.

Little coral bells are so sweet.  I have almost every color, but something is to be said by the old fashioned ones.

As you might notice I am having a bumper crop of lilies in this bed.  It was on my list to divide them last fall and I never got around to it.  I know I could now, but I think I will enjoy the show!  I’ll take pics of course… Thanks so much for stopping by!
Happy Gardening….Brooke

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  1. You should add some ragin cajun ruellia and some turk's cap in that bed. Great pops of red!

  2. i don't have quite enough sun for geum, but seeing yours reminds me why i always want to grow it. love that red! your bed looked great in the before pictures, too, but it really looks spectacular now.

  3. Wow, fabulous make-over you have done there! I think the addition of the purple shrub in the back (cotinus?) makes a big difference.

  4. This is beautiful! Plenty of plants but doesn't look like a pizza! I really like it! 8)


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