Saturday, April 14, 2012

Roses After the Frost

(Post written Friday, April 13th)
We’ve had two nights of rough weather in the form of fairly bad frosts.  I was worried about the roses with so many blooming.  I covered the raised beds as best I could.  Yesterday they looked a bit puny and were slightly limp.  But this morning they seem to be bouncing back and so I took a few shots to share.
‘First Prize’
‘Raspberry Swirl’
‘Rugosa Rosa’
Isn’t this sweet, it is a ‘Smooth Touch Ballerina’ mostly hidden behind the hollyhocks.

 I really like this rose so far and it is thornless!  Sorry the picture is not so great, but I will share it again later, it is a good rebloomer.
All and all, I am relieved about the roses.  I still worry about the hydrangeas, but there is not much to do about it now.  It is just a strange year, a month of 80 degree days then two very cold nights.  Gardeners can’t prepare for such things, you just have to go with it.

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  1. So pretty, Brooke! Every pic is just perfect. We are getting rain this am and WE NEED IT! I expect to start seeing blooms when the sun returns after this nourishing rain! My Harison's Yellow is just beginning.

  2. Oh what fun, I have several roses that are blooming for the first time. I was really upset with that frost, but the roses seemed to take it better than most things. My butterfly bushes, irises, crepe myrtles, hostas, ferns, ground cover, astilbies, rose of sharons, acers and a few of the hydrangeas look like they have been singed with a flame. Just crisp and black. It just breaks my heart. I dont think it will kill anything, but dang it looks bad. I wonder just how many hydrangea blooms I have lost, that bothers me the most. But the thing is, only I would probably notice it, there is so many other plants in these beds, it is a jungle! I will call you later today to chat hopefully.


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