Friday, April 13, 2012

My Favorite Baby-Blue Iris…

Is there anything more perfect than this?
An absolutely fantastic shade of baby-blue.
It just glows in the morning sun.
And I don’t even know it’s name, well call it ‘Perfect’ or ‘Brooke’s Favorite Blue’.  Sounds good to me.  If you think you know the variety, let me know.  It just blooms once and is about 30” tall.

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I garden in Southwestern Indiana, Zone 6b. Garden tours are available during season. I also lecture and freelance write for gardening sites. If you are interested in my content, please email me for more information.
If you are in my area I have reblooming and hybrid irises and daylilies for sale during early fall. I also have select heirloom seeds for sale or trade.

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  1. Stunning. I never met an iris I didn't like though!

    1. Lol, me too! That is why they are everywhere around here!

  2. Oh Brooke! Even it's bud is gorgeous! That is a blue to die for. I have just got to start buying some of the newer iris, they are so pretty. I need to replace the yellow iris I have with one that can take the shade better. The one I have flops over. All my other iris do very well in the shade. You are the iris Queen!

    1. Yes, they have improved so much over they years. I hate to say it but most of my heirlooms look a bit puny next to be big frilly hybrids. I am hoping to have irises for sale this summer or early fall. I will be dividing and offering a few this year, and many more in the coming years. I just simply don't want them to get bigger than there spaces. I bought so many of mine on ebay from home gardeners, so I think I will do the same with my extras.

  3. I love Irises and this one is stunning. So perfectly shaped, you're so lucky. This color is my favorite.
    Thanks so much for sharing on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Love hearing from you...


    1. Jody, I just love your blog and your party. It is so cute and I am glad I found it. I share it on facebook and it got a bunch of interest. I think you have a bright future online, and love to meet another gal that loves to decorate and garden!


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