Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Fabulous Early and Mid-Season Irises


I am trying very hard this year to photograph all of my varieties of irises as they bloom.  As you may know, we had a hard frost in the Midwest last night and it is to be equally cold tonight.  I have been die-back in my groundcovers, crepe myrtles, butterfly bush, and perennials.  I am hoping the roses and irises will bounce back, some are a bit droopy today.  I am covering my hydrangeas and many things, but the garden is so large I have to accept some losses.  I am amazed how quickly tender foliage turns black, so sad.  But we have had weeks of 80 degree temps, but we knew all along this could happen.  So I hurried and took pics of these irises before I the temps dropped. 





‘Next in Line’ is a pretty rebloomer that changes in color as the blooms age.  It starts out a very dark grape and ages to a softer lilac edging.  Very strong veining and ruffled.  Attention getting in the front border this week.







‘Lady Friend’ is just stunning in a mixed border.  I love the dark burgundy/rose color, very vibrant and just glows.  Is probably in my top 10 list of varieties.  Lovely, but once blooming.




‘Good Fairy’ is this precious pearl pink.  It is so sweet, it radiates in the rose garden area.  Simply perfect.  And it is a rebloomer!


Unknown white with purple accents.

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  1. Those are really impressive flowers, great captured in the pictures. And I love that cute cat in the background :-)

    1. Lol that is Toby, you cannot go out in the garden without him following you around. He's a sweetie.

  2. Love your gorgeous iris. Pretty garden. I'm your newest follower. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Brooke, I'm in 6b in southern IL. We had a bit of a frost Wednesday morning, but nothing was damaged in our garden, thankfully. Our irises are beginning to open. We also have 'Lady Friend' though she hasn't bloomed yet. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blooms! Happy FF! ~~Rhonda

    1. Lady friend was a recent addition, so that was her first blooms for me. I really enjoyed the saturated colors. I wish I was as lucky with the frost. I am noticing more damage every day.


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