Monday, April 23, 2012

All the colors of the rainbow….

Well, almost…. That’s the way I could describe the border under the deck this week.
So many things are blooming at once.
Alliums, irises, foxgloves, peonies and roses…. does it get any better that that?
Earlier this spring I sewed cleome seed down here as well, it is coming up nicely. I also have an excellent crop of pink anemones.  I will donate some to our upcoming garden club sale.  But those are good things, because I know I will have a good dose of fall color here as well.
These foxgloves are biennials from seed.  They were a nice clump last year and bloomed this spring.  I will add more seed this week for blooms next spring.  If you wait till late fall they will come up, but no flowers.  They will produce seed here and I will collect what I can, but I help them along to make sure I have them blooming every spring.  I love foxgloves.  The blue salvia is ‘Victoria’, a favorite.  It is a reseeding annual I treat as a perennial.  It comes back every year, just not always in the same place.  I love it that it is a true dwarf, under 18 inches tall at the very most.
Ballerina girl iris and moss verbena.  Moss verbena is another reseeding annual that I use extensively.  I have grown it for the last 3 years and love it.  It will bloom till the ground freezes non-stop.  It will seed but I help it along as well by adding seed in the areas I want more in the late fall.
My little coal bucket with a miniature rose in it, love that.
There is also quite a bit of coreopsis and daylilies in this bed, both look like they could bloom in the near future.  Have you ever seen a year that daylilies are blooming so early?  Mine have buds and they never bloom here until June.  It has been crazy weather for sure.
Here is the galvanized wash tubs with new roses in them.  I added some pinks (dianthus) to them this week.  I use pinks more than any other annual, they bloom forever and come back even stronger next year.  They are coming along nicely.  I love doing ‘permanent’ planting in large containers.  I would say now over 80% of my containers come back every year with shrubs, perennials, evergreens or sedums in them.  I also use groundcovers in containers, makes it easy to fill and free…. I have them in spades. 
I love this view right now.  I can see it from the deck and the house.  This bed is not quite 3 years old and it has changed so much.  I will admit it has never looked better than it does this week.  I will post more pictures, everything is blooming at once these last few weeks. 
Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Gardening….Brooke

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  1. Are those large beautiful leaves in the moss verbena hollyhock?

  2. Those pink and white irises are just amazing! Did I understand correctly that they are called 'Ballarina Girl'? I'd love to try to find some of them where I live! My iris have buds on them, but are not flowering just yet. I love your garden!

  3. Pretty garden!! You've done well with the space!

  4. Hi Brooke!
    I love irises! you have a great variety... I'm looking to add more colors of iris in my garden, thanks for the inspiration!
    Your garden is lovely! I'm going to find on the blog
    My english is horrible! I hope you understand.
    Greetings from Spain

  5. Wowsa- yes it's a gorgeous border! I can't believe the salvia and vebena reseed for you- they never do for me (wah!). Our iris just started blooming here, so you're a little earlier than we are. Thanks for sharing- it's lovely! :-)


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