Monday, April 30, 2012

After The Rain…

We had a little storm pass thru this evening.  Afterward the sun was that perfect glow… So I took a few pictures for you!

 Here is the butterfly hill…. Click this one to view full size!

With lots of irises still blooming…

The front view of our country home…

The back walk to our deck….
Miley was out exploring with me of course!
I leave you with a peak of the wildflower bed by the road.  Maybe you can’t tell yet from this pictures… but it is about to burst open with color.  Look at all those flower buds!

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  1. Your home and yard are gorgeous! You must be so proud. joining you from then she snapped. Have a great week!

  2. Oh my--the flowers and the light in that first picture--just beautiful! And how exciting to have that wildflower bed about to bloom--I'm sure it will be gorgeous, like the rest of your garden!

  3. Hi Brooke - how nice to discover a new blog. It was nice to see around your garden. I hope you join in the EMOV meme again

  4. Thanks for sharing! I actually watched the whole video, and completely agree that those rocks are the best!

  5. Beautiful garden (and puppy)!

  6. Your garden is lovely! I particularly like the butterfly garden. The video was great!


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