Sunday, March 25, 2012

Redbuds against a blue sky….

Redbuds against a blue sky just can’t be beat.
Here in southern Indiana the redbuds are everywhere.  Along the side of the highways and popping up in the woods.  They are so beautiful in bloom, then just disappear in to  the tree lines only to be noticed again next spring.
We have two standard redbuds, meaning both of mine are single trunked trees.  This one is the Northern redbud.
And this one is the Eastern Redbud and for me it has twice as many blooms.  It is just packed with color.
You can see both of the from the front of the house.  They don’t get very big.  I am hoping one day they will be under plantings under my growing maples.  I keep them watered and this is their 3rd year I think in the garden.
Here you can see the shape better.  It is a little silly to purchase a tree that you can find around here in the woods, but I loved the straight trunk and the ability to under-plant them later on. 
Another great redbud is the Forest Pansy with the burgundy leaves.  It is on my wishlist.  Let’s face it, if it blooms pink it’s welcome around here!
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All photos of my own home and garden ©Brooke Kroeger – Creative Country Mom

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  1. Beautiful Pics. Have a great Sunday!

    -Kim :)

  2. Your redbuds are gorgeous! I will be getting my Eastern Redbud to plant here in Central Florida this week..sure hope it will be as pretty as your's next Spring! Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

  3. My daughter had one next door to her apartment last year. Now I really NEED one of my own, as she has moved! Beautiful.♥♫

  4. Dropping in from the Garden Party. I'm a new FOLLOWER.

    Your redbuds are so pretty. I'm hoping to have some trees planted soon, and some of these would be perfect.

  5. Hi Brooke,

    Your redbud trees are stunning and the pink blossoms are gorgeous! I'm so happy to be joining everyone this week for our garden party. I must say your roses are delightful, especially the Our Lady of Guadalupe variety.

  6. My little redbud is alive - but struggling. Yours are so beautiful!

  7. How beautiful, and the redbuds look particularly striking against your white house!

  8. How nice to enjoy your Redbud blooms after mine are gone! I still think they should be called purple or lavender buds, though.

  9. Sure wish I could have a redbud- I find them so beautiful. Maybe one day. :-)

    Jami @ An Oregon Cottage

  10. I think I have the only lilac in the world that refuses to grow and spread! It's three or four years old, and still barely two feet tall. But it's loaded with blooms and I can hardly wait for that wonderful scent. My doublefile virburnum is about to bloom for the first time ever, so I'm very excited about that. I grow Forest Pansy redbud, and it is a real beauty that gets better every year.


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