Friday, March 30, 2012

My Darling Little Spring Blooms…

Okay I have to show off these containers today.  They just look that darn pretty.  There are two of them at my garage doors and I try to keep something pretty in them all year long.  I can honestly say they looked good all winter, not that we had that much of a winter this year.  But the pansies bloomed almost non-stop.  Recently I added the gold tipped euonymus for an evergreen, “Carmel” Huchera, Purple Emperor Sedum, Red Hen and Chicks and from last fall an iris that I have no idea what color it is!  They are full, but as things get too big I take them out and place them in the garden.  But what I wanted to show you was my things from SEED!  
Just look at this Virginia Stock!  I absolutely love it! 
It is such a great filler and it came back the 2nd year from seed for me.  I love that!
Here is my other little darling blooming in the same pot.  Five Spot… isn’t it cute!
It is a tiny little thing, but I love the little purple spots, don’t you?
But it is the stock that I am crazy for… can you say more please?  Yes, indeed!!

I could photograph it all day...

Again, this is Virginia Stock from seed planted last fall. 

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  1. Those containers are very pretty and so awesome to have some reseed!

  2. Beautiful pink blooms! Have a great week end!

    -Kim :)

  3. Your flowers are so pretty-- I bet your yard smells great!

    I'm a new follower--you can follow me at


  4. i love the flowers.

    My Pink, you might want to link up with my Color Connection meme as well.


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