Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In the mood for Irises…

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Been taking stock of how all the irises are doing this Spring and I can’t help but remember the pictures I had taken last year.

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Here are just a few, I think I only took pictures on two days in April. I know I was super busy in the garden with the new rose area about that time last year. I will have to do much better in a few weeks.

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I am always amazed how quickly irises multiply. I have several that will be blooming for the first time in a few weeks.

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I love to see the new color combinations and the sweet anticipation of the blooms opening up.


I think irises remind me of pretty faces. I love all the ruffled ones. That goes for roses and daylilies as well.


Irises to be are meant to be shared. Each year our local garden club has a sale and I pick up so many…. it is impossible to choose only one!


I have so many in my garden that have been given to me by gardening friends. I think they are the best because I think of whom they came from.


But my favorites would have to be the fancy pink ones like this.


I don’t mess with growing orchids, but they remind me of an exquisite orchid when they bloom these luxurious colors.


Some are so vivid you’d think they were growing in a tropical paradise.


But they are quite happy in my own sweet garden year after year.  It doesn’t get better than that dear friends!

Many of the irises I grow I don’t even have names for.  One in particular I had marked as “Sunshine Yellow” it was a white and yellow big flashy iris from a friend we lost last summer to cancer.  I will from now on call it “Midge’s Iris” and remember how she and I would ooooh and awe over the fancy hybrids we grew.  It will always have a place in my garden.  This year I will be sure to get a pictures to share with you.

I am sorry I did not label these pictures, I am just popping in for a quick post.  To see all the irises I grow, and there are well over 100 varieties now, click here for my iris page.

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Happy Gardening….Brooke


All photos of my own home and garden ©Brooke Kroeger – Creative Country Mom


  1. My Mom loved irises and she had a huge bed. Luckily I took some. I have about 10 kinds but have been trying to find a pink one, most of mine are white, yellow and purple in color.
    Glad your save and sound, was worried and thinking about you with the tornados.

  2. Oh yes, I'm in the mood for iris too! I saw many of mine peeking out yesterday while doing a cleanup from winter. Can't wait!


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