Saturday, March 24, 2012

Double-Red Flowering Peach Tree

What's the most beautiful thing in my garden right now…. your looking at it. 
“Double-Red Flowering Peach”
We found this little peach tree last spring in full bloom at a local nursery and I fell in love with it.  Can’t you see why?
It’s not a very big little fellow (about 8 ft as seen here), but it’s been really healthy for me.  I did have to spray it when the Jap. beetles come around, but it is well worth it in my book!  It is strictly ornamental, no fruit of any kind.  It’s not suppose to get really big either, less than 20 ft tall.  It has plenty of room where I placed it.  :)
These blooms are unreal.  No real scent, but they look too good to be true.  If my tree was bigger I would cut some to bring into the house.  We’ve had some hard wind and even hail and they look this good.  I am not sure how long it blooms, but I am guessing about 10 days.
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  1. Wow, what beautiful blooms! What a nice welcome to Spring that will be for you each year. I see how you couldn't pass it up, very nice! I am a southern Indiana gardener also! Happy Spring!

    1. Thanks so much! Always nice to meet other Indiana gardeners!

  2. Wow, that is a fabulous bloomer! Can't wait to see it as it grows.

    1. Me too Robin. I haven't seen another one this year, its a shame. So far mine is doing fantastic. It is still blooming so I am guessing 10 days. That is pretty good for a flowering tree.

  3. Spring is such a lovely time of year. Your "peach" is beautiful.

    Visiting from Outdoor Wednesday!

  4. That is a gorgeous peach tree! The double pink blooms are stunning. I know you are looking forward to it putting on some growth. I would follow, but I don't see where to click.

  5. favorite fruit are guess what....yeppers Peaches. How long will it be before fruit grows on that tree? It sure is a pretty one.
    Joyce M

  6. Lovely photos of a very beautiful tree ~thanks, namaste, ^_^ linked w/ Outdoor Wednesday

  7. What sweet captures of color and contrasts, and spring beginnings.


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