Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dance of the Daffodils

IMG_2957 copy

Here are only a few of the varieties I grow.  I have been busy with life and missed capturing quite a few varieties.  It seems everything is blooming at once making it a joy to be in the garden.  Many of these were shared gifts from gardening friends.  I did not set out to be a daffodil collector, but how can you say no to such a lovely flower?  Enjoy….

IMG_2955 copy

IMG_2958 copy

IMG_3088 copy

IMG_3090 copy

IMG_3133 copy

IMG_3091 copy

IMG_3134 copy

Just a few pics of the lovely dancing beauties in my garden this Spring.  It’s a beautiful day in Southern Indiana.  I have been outside as much as possible.  This morning I finally took the time to get the camera out!  I’ll have several posts for the next few days.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


All photos of my own home and garden ©Brooke Kroeger – Creative Country Mom

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