Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My SWEETEST Valentine!!

Miley Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day My Friends! 

If you have been wondering where I’ve been, meet Miley… My sweet baby girl.  She is almost 11 weeks old now.  A Boston Terrier mix and absolutely spoiled rotten.

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Here are a few of her baby pics from 3 weeks ago.  She is a doll with wrinkles and all.

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She is a tiny little thing, only 8 inches tall and less than 5 pounds right now.  I am expecting her to be less than 20 pounds full grown.  I didn’t think she had grown that much, but seeing these pictures now, she has.  The girls and I love her, but my hubby and Scooby our great dane is not so sure they like her yet.  She is a pistol and bounces all around the house.  I have enjoyed her so much, but I feel like a new mom, can’t seem to get anything done but taking her out to potty and following her around the house!  She is quite the snuggler, and we’ve been enjoying watching it snow today from the cover of a heated blanket!  What the life!!


My hubby was extra good coming home from work this morning.  He picked up a big cookie, cupcakes and a pizza so I don’t have to cook lunch today.  I have been using my elliptical again, so it’s only fair there is so much sugar to tempt me.  I’ll be at the school this afternoon for little sisters room party too.  Oh well, it’s a holiday, I think it must be a law or something diets are off for Valentine’s!


Here is my final dose of girly-pink-overload for you…. My new cell phone cover!  Isn’t it fun!  I know it looks like a teenage girl’s but I love it.  Now hubby will not be seen using my phone, he doesn’t need to be on it anyway!  Big sister got one too, hers is white and purple!  It was a big hit at garden club this week!  More proof I would be-dazzle anything that will sit still!  (But this is an EBay find!)

Okay, I’m off to find what kind of trouble Miley is up too, the house is wayyyyy too quiet!


All Photos From My Own Home and Garden ©Brooke Kroeger


  1. Such a cute puppy...and so many lovely Valentine treats!

  2. What a beautiful doggy, congratulations on your adorable addition to the family. Looks like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. :)


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