Saturday, February 18, 2012

Favorite Flowers - ‘Windsor Castle’ Malva

Often I purchase heirloom seeds from online vendors like Ebay. I love the very idea of fresh from my garden to yours. I especially like when they include collections of several types of seeds like poppies or hollyhocks. So a few years ago I bid on a collection of heirloom hollyhocks that included French hollyhocks. I have no idea who the seller was, but it was not a big seed company, but a gardener like myself.


I knew about French Hollyhocks.  I had grow ‘Zebrina’ at my previous garden and knew how they stayed small and had long bloom times when happy. So when the collection included a pink variety, I was thrilled. As seen above, ‘Zebrina’ is a pale purple with dark veining.  It is lovely, but I want to introduce you to ‘Windsor Castle’!  Your going to love it!!


Windsor Castle is much deeper in color.  A beautiful magenta with lush green foliage.


It is similar in height, at 3 ft. at the most in full bloom.  It blooms all summer longs given full sun.  They are pretty drought tolerant and have less rust spot issues than their larger hollyhock cousins.


One huge difference is this variety has about 4 times as many flowers.  Each stem is FULL of blooms.  A lovely effect…. and they are not hidden under the leaves as Zebrinas can be.


The colors are very dramatic and can be seen from across the garden easily.


A perfect cottage flower.  So my question is?  Why doesn’t everyone have it?  I can hardly find any information online.  Surely I am not the only one who grows this?


I will be collecting and saving my seeds this year.  Maybe I will even contact a few growers and have them look into it.  It would be a shame for this old fashioned beauty to disappear.

Here is a link to seeds I have found online… I am not familiar with any of this source, but the price seems reasonable.

It is interesting to me why this isn’t more widely grown and used in cottage gardens…. Don’t you agree?

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All photos of my own home and garden ©Brooke Kroeger – Creative Country Mom


  1. She's a beauty....I'd love to have her in my gardens!

  2. Of course I love hollyhocks, especially singles. But the size makes them worthy of more gardens. Not everyone can incorporate big hollyhocks, but the french ones are so cute. They should be used more often. They do self seed, but are easy to remove and transplant. That is a good thing in my book.

  3. The colour is intense! I'm going to have to find this for my garden too.

  4. I have the Zebrina and can not believe how much it keeps growing. It also makes great cut flowers. I am going to love reading your blog this growing season!

  5. I love Zebrinas and have tried for years to grow them with little success. We live in Georgia and have sandy soil although I've tried building it up. Love your blog and look forward to each post.

  6. wonderful! most i like the first :)


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