Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter is for the BIRDS!

Oh what a JOY the sun is out today and I can wonder around in the yard for a bit!
Just the slightest bit of light makes the lake sparkle and shine…
I went around today refilling the treaties for our feathered friends….
You can usually see them down by the firepit against the bright blue sky.  But of course as soon as I have my camera there are none to be found.
But that is fine, they will find my gifts to them when they are ready!  Until then it looks really pretty here on the deck. 

Here is a quote from about feeding oranges to wild birds....

"Many people make the mistake of thinking that wild birds prefer to eat nothing but seeds. The fact is, seeds are just a small part of a wild bird's diet, as many also eat insects, grubs and plant nectar. One treat preferred by several wild birds is an orange. Loved by orioles, cardinals, cedar waxwings, tanagers, finches and woodpeckers, oranges are a quick bird treat that gives them lots of energy."
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All Photos From My Own Home and Garden ©Brooke Kroeger

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  1. Brooke, I love the tweeting bird sounds. Is that a sound effect? I would love to add that to my blog during the summer months. I love your blog too.


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