Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shinning Stars of the Winter Border...

The sun was out yesterday and I grabbed my camera.
We have been so lucky, but it feels like January today,
it rained hard most of the night.
But here is a few tough plants that still look really nice
here are three favorites to talk about...

First off is my Grandiflora  Magnolia ‘Blanchard’ , it is a new addition last summer.  But I love it’s glossy leaves and waxy cream blooms.  Plus the leaves are wonderful in arrangements and wreaths. It is about 8 ft. tall and narrow, but it will fill out nicely!

Can’t wait till mine gets a bit bigger and blooms!  It looks really healthy and has grown quite a bit in a few short months.

My next favorite plant is one I was talking about on Facebook this week.  Might just be in my top 5 shrubs to have, that is heavenly bamboo or Nandina.   I believe this variety is “Firepower.”  It is a dwarf that only gets 30’ tall and wide.  This one is known for it’s color, thus the name…. but it does not set flowers or berries.  Which is unfortunate.  There are several varieties of Nandina, and after seeing how well this has done, I will be adding many more.  Plus it is winter interest, this photo is from today, what a wonderful color to have in the garden in January! 

Here is a video from YouTube about this plant, it gives you a good idea what it looks like in the garden.

This one many of you will roll your eyes at, I know…. but I love it.  It is Manhattan Euonymus.  I know Euonymuses get a bad rap, but this one I really like this one.  I have found Manhattan to be like most Euonymus, super easy to root…. thus I have made several new starts of this beauty.  I love it’s glossy broad leaves and upright form.  I will admit, it will get pretty large, but it is easy to trim and I am a heavy pruner anyway, so it is well worth growing for this wonderful display.  I will cut this entire shrub down to 12 inches in spring once the plants have filled in.  It is now about 4 feet tall and it has put on that growth in 2 years.  This one has never been trimmed, this is it’s natural state.
I hope this gives you an idea or two for some winter interest in your own garden!  As you can see we’ll take all that we can get! 

(The videos are just from YouTube.
I have found it to be interesting to look up plants for videos,
you can see what they really look like and find some
very interesting gardeners on there.
A fun way to spend a winter afternoon!)
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All Photos From My Own Home and Garden ©Brooke Kroeger

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