Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New pillows with Vintage Fabrics…


As I mentioned in my pervious post, I have been having fun learning to sew.  I had collected several vintage fabrics last summer.  They are so cherry and bright.


This is my favorite one so far, love this pattern and I have enough to do another one, but I may keep it for when this one fades.  My porch is shaded, but still the only last a few months.  But that is part of the fun, replacing them with something new.  Plus, if I use yard-sale finds it doesn’t cost me very much.  Love that!


While I was out on the porch the kittens were putting on a show.  We have 3 three month old Tom kittens, the tiger is Jacob or Jake, the grey and white is Toby and there is another one that didn’t want to be in the pictures an all black one named Bear.


This is our first litter of kittens, and hopefully our last.  I have kept all buys for a reason!  But they have been a bunch of fun to watch.  They are now outside all day and come in of an evening or if it is super cold.  Hopefully I will have some good hunters!  They are so sweet, very loved.

Okay, hope your day is going good.  Thanks for stopping by…. I am off to try to find more pillows to cover! 

Happy Gardening….Brooke


  1. They are just beautiful Brooke. The vintage materials are always so bright and cheerful. They work so well with your wicker. Cute Kitties too.

  2. Love the vintage fabric for the pillows. It is so pretty!!!

  3. Looks like you picked up sewing well! I like to make pillows with vintage hankies.

  4. Naww what gorgeous kitties! Love the photos of them. Your cushions look really good! You are reminding me of my not-quite-finished cushions from a few years ago. I really should have another go at finishing them properly.


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