Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Favorite Flowers – Pink Double Knockout Roses


I will admit, I use to turn my nose up at knockout roses.


Yes, I may be a bit of a bit picky about my roses.


But last year before my house was on tour I made a quick decision to add three ‘Pink Double’ Knockout Roses in the area near my arbor. It is one of the first things you see when you drive up and I wanted a big splash of color there.


And I liked the look of the Pink Doubles, they look a bit like a hybrid tea.


Plus I knew it was just the right addition to the blue, light pink, silver and white I had blooming there.


I never expected I would enjoy them so much and they would do so well.  I don’t think they were ever out of bloom this year.  I deadhead them when I wait on the mail every morning.  But they are super easy to care for, and I did not spray these roses.  Just normal fertilizer and watering.

IMG_1725 copy

Plus, they are reasonable.  I purchased two more for in front of each side of my picket fence by the rose garden for $10 each.  They had been $20 and that was before the fall clearances began.  I would not hesitate to add more.  I also have they Sunny Yellow, Double Red and Original Knockouts…. but the pink double is my very favorite.  Hope you might consider adding it to your gardens!

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Happy Gardening….Brooke


All Photos From My Own Home and Garden ©Brooke Kroeger


  1. The colour is amazing as well!


  2. Could you please tell me what kind of catmint nepeta you have planted next to the double pink knockout roses? I am going to plant the double pink this year and I'd like to plant that beautiful blue catmint next to it. There are so many different kinds of catmints though that I thought I better ask.
    Also, what are those small light pink flowers? They are beautiful!
    By the way, I think the double pink knockouts are the most gorgeous of all the knockouts. I fell in love with them when I first saw them and I couldn't stop looking at them. Fabulous rose!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wondering what the beautiful white flowers are? Also, what is the silver bush in the middle? So beautiful!

  4. Please reply. Are the light pink flowers dianthus or creeping phlox? What type? Thank you. So beautiful. I'm trying to duplicate.


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