Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 Holiday Home Tour–Vintage Christmas Master Bedroom

Merry Christmas To All My Readers!

I cannot believe it is only 4 days till Christmas!
So I think I will….(finally)…..  do a Holiday House Tour… And instead of starting at the front door, I am starting at our Master Bedroom. It got a Yuletide Makeover this year. Our last home was a Victorian, so for many years I decorated my entire home in Vintage holiday. But with our new farmhouse style home, many of the Victorian things are now in our Master Bedroom and Bath and our Dining Room. The wall color is a soft lavender with a hint of grey. I love it, it makes a great neutral for any new accessories. One of my favorite things to collect is vintage prints and mirrors and this is where most of them are displayed. I found it hard to photograph this room, so please excuse my blurs… but you get the general idea!






A bit more about the room, my headboard is two VERY old vintage doors with brass hardware.  I drug these home 2 years ago from a neighbor who was going to BURN them!  They are fantastic, but I have to tell you my husband hates them and wants a more traditional headboard.  But I love the scale of them and it balances out the room from the large armoire across from it.
Okay, I will have lots more to show you, come back again tomorrow for a new post!
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Happy Holidays….Brooke


  1. Simply Beautiful!
    Wishing you and yours a Wonderful and Blessed Christmas Brooke.

  2. It all looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    Merry Christmas.

  3. I absolutely love the vintage door headboard! Good save!


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