Sunday, November 13, 2011

Seeing a bit of Spring…

~White Swan Coneflower from my November Garden~

Today I walked around all the garden beds to survey the damage, and it is official, my garden year is done.  But I must say, I saw some Spring in my garden today.  Little seeds have sprouted and baby perennials are below the leaves.  Looks like most of the Oriental Lilly seeds I let mature have developed into little sprouts just barely popping up out of the ground.  I happened to be planting a few days ago and got too close to some bulbs and they were swelled up and knobby.   But where I see it the most is how my irises have multiplied.    What a show to look forward to in a few months!  Until then I am still down with a cold, but did get to the store today.  Been baking a bit and tomorrow I hope to work on the house a bit.  Clean up the front porch and bring in more things for the winter.  But for now I am happy to know there will be even more beautiful blooms for me to photograph next Spring…. and I might finally be able to finish a few of my indoor projects…. maybe!

Happy Gardening…Brooke

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  1. I'm already counting the days till spring. I love the first snowfall of the's always so pretty and Norman Rockwell looking, BUT...bring spring back anytime..I have a great video of flowers on my blog..pop in to see it..
    Have a great week..


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