Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ready for a long winter’s nap….

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Notes from a Country Garden…. November 10, 2011

It’s that time of year again.  When I know I must keep myself busy.  Finding use for that energy that went into the garden, and focus it back into the other things in my life.  Not that those things do not need me.  I can look up at the corners of my ceilings and see the spiders have helped me decorate for Halloween….  The windows need washed, the ceiling fans dusted, all the gardening supplies and such need put away for the winter.  But just a few days ago I was working outside in a t-shirt.

Tonight it is to be a low of 29, and that will be it for the year.  Which is fine, really.  I had a fantastic gardening season.  But the roses have been the highlight of the garden.  They have outdone any hopes I had for my new plantings.  It has been a true joy to have so many blooms.  I have taken so many pictures these last two weeks…. thinking this will be the last time… This November has been the best late fall blooms I have ever seen on roses.  The colors so vibrant, I have enjoyed every one.

So tonight I am thankful for my time in the garden.  Thankful for my readers to share my flowers with.  It is time for new beginnings of next years garden.  Sprinkle seeds for spring blooms, hope comes in such small packages you know…. I am looking forward to warm fires, glowing candles, the house decorated for the holidays.  I am trying very hard to wait till after Thanksgiving…. but I am so tempted to start dragging things up from the basement.  Last year I put up 5 trees, but this year I will only do three.  One in the entry (which is up all year, I just change the flowers), my kitchen tree which will be up all winter with snowmen, and the big tree will be in the dining room.  I decorate all the rooms on the first floor, the front porch and usually the loft. 

I am also going to try to go out in the woods soon and get evergreens to stick in my window boxes.  I did that a few years ago and it looked really nice.  I have pansies at the garage doors and front steps as well.  Until then I will have to give the houseplants extra attention and then in March start seeds again…. which won’t come soon enough. 

Okay, I am tired and probably not making any sense.  Taught all day at the Middle School and back there again tomorrow.  Had my oldest daughter in class and made sure to embarrass her as much as possible.  It is fun to see her interact with her classmates.  It is a whole different side of your kids seeing them at school when they don’t know you are watching them.  She is at a cute age, 6th grade…. not quite big stuff, but getting there.

Okay, I am off to a nice warm bath and to bed….Happy Gardening Everyone….


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