Friday, November 18, 2011

Photography is my Winter Project…


Notes from a Country Garden…..November 18, 2011


I have always been what you might call creative.  That part comes easy for me.  I can visualize what I want, and if time and money allows, get things the way I dream them to be.  Garden design, if that is what you would call my plantings, is the easy part.  I enjoy it, it is not a days work for me.  I miss it when I am not out there.  What has been the hard part… is capturing it on my camera.

IMG_1936 copy

Many times I felt my photos didn’t give the blooms justice.  So I have been very interested in bringing my photography skills up a level or two.  I basically spent three days in early November reading my camera manual and every tutorial I could find online about how to use it.  I was amazed at how much clearer and crisper my new photographs became.  As I had mentioned before I took over 250 photos the first two weeks of November. 


You see until recently I did very little photo editing besides watermarking.  I am after all a plant geek, and I wanted you to have a sharp, clear view of my garden images.  But I also love those romantic garden images found on other blogs.  I must say it is quite addictive…. using filters and plug-ins for a misty, aged look.  One of the easiest free programs for doing this is one called PhotoScape


PhotoScape has an editor that is super easy to use.  Just play with the settings.  My favorites are the “Bloom” that gives your photo a highlighted, ethereal glow.   And the framing and vignetting  options are very handy.  I switch my vignettes from black edges to white to lighten the shots.  The vignettes are under filters, as well as antiquing plugins and lens flare which can be very fun.

Download it and play with it when you can.  It is free and a fun way to spend the afternoon.  You have about a million pictures of flowers.  Might as well do something new and fun with them!

Depending on how many respond to  this post, I may do a tutorial series.  What do you think?  Want to learn a new trick or two?  I can see these used for craft projects.  I think I will choose a few favorites and have them printed for art in my bedroom soon.

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Happy Gardening….Brooke

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  1. Brooke, I would love for you to do a tutorial because I've also vowed to figure out how to use my camera and photo editing program. Never heard of Photoscape but I'm checking it out today. These photos are beautiful, by the way!

  2. Brooke, I think this sounds like a wonderful winter project. gail


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