Thursday, November 10, 2011

My last #FF post for 2011? Maybe!


I sit here crossing my finger my luck will last… but it is not a sure bet.  Last year I had one rose blooming in December.  It was a horrible looking site, but I was glad to have it!!  Each year is a bit different here at the lake, who knows what the weather will blow in.  Blow being the correct word, my biggest challenge is no windbreak and the harsh cold and ice here in Southern Indiana.  I have more things break than freeze out.  Which is making me wonder about some additional support this year.  I have never been a gardener to do that in the winter, I add mulch and water and that has been about it.  But as I continue to add more rare evergreens and new roses, all of which I love and want to keep, I think it pays to be prepared….  Better safe than sorry.  So in the coming weeks I will be putting up some ugly supports and wrapping some burlap around the plants.  It’s not like anyone come out here much once the weather gets cold…. it’s like living on the beach…. not many come out to the lake during the colder months.  Okay, on with the show….  This is a new rose I got marked down for $5 (!) last month. 


It is one of those thronless  Smooth Touch Roses, this one is “Velvet”  I also have the pink one “Smooth Ballerina” but it isn’t in bloom this week.  I put both of these roses in “high traffic” areas and I have to say, they are thornless, pretty and fragrant…. we’ll see how they do next year…. I just hope they make it till next year.  This is one I may be wrapping.  I’d like to keep it, it is planted to grow up my porch railing on the full sun side.


Happy to say my Heirloom Pansies I got at the spring garden show have reseeded and are now blooming again.  I also have a few coming up again in the borders.  How fantastic it would be to have blooms all winter, that is if I remember to keep watering them….


The knockouts are the front walk are still stunning.  I regret every eye roll I ever made about knockouts…. I now have them in every bed I think and they are just a fantastic plant.  I still prefer my hybrid-teas, but I never touch, spray or deadhead these beauties and they still look fabulous.


Here is another one, this is “Double Red” with some reblooming irises…. a very striking combo at the end of my driveway.


“Autumn Tryst” Tall Bearded Reblooming Iris, almost a dwarf for me, but bold and bright in colors… Bloomed until late November last year for me as well.


Close up, not a great picture, but you can see the intricate patterns.


There is a question about the name of this iris.  I have it down as Halston, but mine looks different than the ones in the catalog.  Whatever it is, it is lovely and has been blooming for weeks.  Also blooming but not pictured is a white “Immortality”.


Enchanted Evening, a Jackson and Perkins roses is strutting her stuff this week.


I will tell you I have had some black spot issues with this rose, but you would never know it as healthy and lovely as she looks now.  I am hoping it was just new to the garden and I can control it next year.


I grow about 10 different varieties of clematis.  Each seed head is different.  But I have to say my favorite one for fall is Sweet Autumn… it almost looks like it is blooming again.

Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Gardening….Brooke

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  1. You are so lucky to have flowers still in your garden mine are all gone until the spring. love your Clematis and Beautiful pink roses.
    Happy gardening.

  2. Those last roses are always so precious. I let hips form so they'd know it was time to quit and they go right on blooming.

  3. How delightful~Love the seedhead of Sweet Autumn Clematis, too. They are so dramatic and pinkish! Gotta love that~ gail


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