Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finally figuring out how to use my camera…..


After purchasing the best Cannon point and shoot I could buy with too much guilt a couple years ago I was left with disappointment.  It was a good all around camera, but not what I would call fantastic.  Don’t get me wrong, I have used it every day photographing my garden and family…. but I have a pretty serious photo habit folks, and it was not cutting it. 


So I took to the internet to find my next camera, thinking it was time for a serious upgrade.  My first attempt was totally overwhelming.  So many options, choices…. Plus this is not a great time to be spending so much on one purchase with Christmas coming so soon.

IMG_1809 copy

So I put the motion away, thinking that once that good old “Tax Check'” comes I may start looking….

IMG_1810 copy

Then a few days ago I was talking with another gardening friend about my camera issues and politely found out I did not have camera issues, I had photographer issues.  Huh?  I have been doing this for years and have had some pretty good shots haven't I?  Yes, but they could be better and you are working too hard.  “Go home and read your manual, then call me back.”

IMG_1835 copy

So that is what I did today, I (re)read my manual, after searching all over this house to find it.  Luckily I did have it.  And you know what… all those little knobs and buttons do all kinds of things… things I never knew they did, and things I may never need…. but what I finally did find was the correct setting for “Micro Shots”.  It of course was not on any knob button….

IMG_1741 copy

On my cannon camera I needed to go to Portraits (Picture of a Lady Icon) then select my settings with my arrows from Faces…. to Micro with of all things a flower as the icon!  I never knew the arrows even did anything with this setting.  I have been struggling with close-ups all summer, and here is why! 


So I took to the garden and went crazy photographing almost every square inch of it.  And took 147 pictures, that is after I deleted the rejects.  And they were fantastic.  Amazing. What?  You mean I didn’t need a new camera?  Such a smart friend I have…. I owe her something good… I am thinking a cheesecake…. I mean she did save me boo-coo $$$$….

Did I say thanks?   Thank You.  Really, Thank You.

IMG_1813 copy

I have ate my humble pie today, and it tasted pretty good.  Now, what am I going to do with all those pictures, post them every week until I have new things to show you this spring.  Sounds like a deal to me!

Happy Gardening….Brooke

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  1. Um I am so so guilty of this. I need to read that manuel as I too have issues with close up shots on my Canon of flowers!! Yours are amazing. Well done.


  2. Hi Brooke! Lovely pictures! I especially like the first one! I've taken photography classes just to learn how to use my camera. The manual didn't really make sense to me until I had some hands on experience. Now I want to take photo editing classes.


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