Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Can you notice the difference?


Here is a little test to see if you are really paying attention….  Here is the BEFORE….


And the after taken this week….


Before….. taken last weekend….


And after…. 

Another before… taken this summer….

Did you notice the difference?  My husband has been clearing out nasty shrubs on our property! 

Picture 164

So here we can do another area…. here is the before in 2009….  I had to go way back to find this one!

And the after… taken earlier this summer.

July8 (14)1

A bad picture from 2008… it was even more grown up than this…

And how it looks now…. Photo from this summer.

Picture 043

Before I go I will share a before of our backyard…. which was not as grown up…. but still quite a bit of work….  Here is the before…


During… about 2009.


And the after…. how it looks today….

He has made quite a difference this year taking out unwanted trees and doing dirt work. This has been a huge job! But what a difference it makes in our property. Now, what can I plant down there??? Lol….

July8 (14)

So one last one…. the butterfly hill…. here is the before in 2008….


And the after…. 3 years later!

Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Gardening!


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  1. Very pretty Brooke. i love before and after pics. what a lovely spot you have to garden in!


  2. It is always nice to see before and after photos. You all have really been doing a lot of hard work. I do not envy you but the end product is lovely. genie


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