Friday, October 28, 2011

Favorite Flowers - Marble Arch Salvia

As the weather grows colder every fall we strive to have more color in our gardens. The last two years I have made an honest to goodness effort to extend my color as long as possible. A couple of years ago I recieved an underused reseeding annual seed from Renee's Garden called “Marble Arch Salvia”.
IMG_1318 copy
It is what I would call a filler plant, nondescript most of the growing season. In late summer all of this changes…. as it erupts in lovely, vibrant colors of purple and pink.
IMG_1319 copy
What I find to be so interesting about this plant is that it never blooms… the leaves change to the colors! How fantastic… each tip is tinted for the first inch or so making the appearance that is is in full bloom. I also love the darker veining, such an interesting plant!
IMG_1321 copy
It seems to also be a self-seeder and I happily enjoy where it pops up. One last note, I did not have as good of luck with it in containers. I think it likes to be rooted in the ground.
IMG_1322 copy
   I spread the seeds in late spring, but this year it had self seeded a bit.  I have also been saving seed so I can add it to other areas.  It is in full sun and seems to thrive on little care.


This seed is availible from Renee's Garden, please visit her site for more information!

Hope you might enjoy it in your gardens too….. Brooke

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