Sunday, September 4, 2011

Goldflame Honeysuckle…. A Favorite Vine







Today I wanted to share pictures of my Goldflame Honeysuckle vine.  It has been growing up my steps for 3 years now.  It is a perennial vine, blooming from Spring to late Fall.  It is a very attractive pink and yellow combination that is much improved from the wilds honeysuckles.  It is scented, but I only notice it in the mornings or after a rain.  It has not self seeded or suckered.  I have been encouraging it to climb to the top of my railings, but they could easily be trimmed back to a smaller area.  I will say it is a heavy vine, so good supports are needed.  But it has not been sprayed and the leaves are clean and healthy, even after 6 weeks of drought.  I do water in this area, but pay no special attention to this plants… it just grows there happily in the very hot southern side…. full sun all day.  It just blooms its heart out and visitors are very surprised to see honeysuckle blooms in the fall. 

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