Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Fall Grapevine Basket


Yesterday I attended the Indiana State Meeting for the National Garden Club.  Our local garden club was responsible for an item for the silent auction.  I had volunteered to do a fall basket at our last meeting.  Here is what I created from a yard-sale Grapevine Basket.  I lined it with a disposable tin turkey roaster…. bent into the bottom of the container.  This worked really well, and I had a good deep planting area.  I used two yellow garden mums, a dwarf sunflower, a yellow trailing annual zinnia (from seed, love this one), yellow and purple violas and two clumps of sedge grasses.  To give it a finished look I used some florist moss.  It will help keep in moisture and maybe not spill out soil when handling it. 

We had a budget of $25.00, and I spent every cent.  But half of the plants are perennials and the basket can be used over and over…. getting it for $2.00 at the yard-sale was key.  But the ladies at our meeting really enjoyed it.  It has been a hot, dry summer…. so something new and fresh looking was a treat. 
In all there were about 60 gardener from all around the state of Indiana.   I met several new ones, and a few I had chatted with last year.  Many are not online, I kept telling them how much fun they could be having meeting gardeners on Facebook! 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Gardening….Brooke


  1. Such a lovely basket! It would cheer me up!

  2. Lovely Basket ! I love to Garden and share ideas with others as well. Looking forward to following your posts. If you are interested my Blog site is " Vintage Whispers and Memories" I just started Blogging. :-)

  3. What a lovely basket Brooke.I use wicker baskets a lot in the summer as planters but I never thought of a Fall basket. Very pretty.

  4. I agree with everyone in here. It is a lovely basket. Great for cheering up someone. And will look great as a centerpiece on a patio table. It's garden in a basket or miniature landscaping :)

  5. Beautiful basket! So Fall and cheery!

  6. I love it Brooke :) What a charming Fall feeling basket!
    I was in my garden yesterday...finally cooling down a little..thankful we are under 100 degrees~~Yeah!

    Pop by if you have moment, I just planted an old rusty bike basket full of petunias for my garden...I cannot wait for Fall!


  7. I love the basket, love the idea of using a foil pan pressed in to plant with. You've givene some great inspiration - thanks so much!

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