Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Blooming Garden Borders….

Notes from a Country Garden… Last Day of September, 2011

“What’s blooming in the Fall Borders?”


Sweet Alyssum….. I just love this little beauty!   

It is so pretty, smells wonderful and self-seeds every year for me.


It blends so beautifully with the purple moss verbena, another self-seeding annual.


Things are changing every day in my garden… did you notice how fall looking the trees are in the background?  We have had a horrible, dry summer…. but this last week it has rained over 3 inches.  I am wondering how much fall color we will get, or if all the leaves will fall too quickly.  Fall never seems to last long enough to enjoy it.


My limelights are still looking good even though the blooms are faded to shades of green and browns.


This area on the left-lower side is all new added in June of this year….. it is coming along!  The new Magnolia is doing great in its new home.  I have added many of my new “fancy” daylilies and reblooming irises here.  I am still having water problems in this area.  So I guess it will be my “bog”.   I needed an area for some water-lovers anyway… so much of my garden is full sun.


Pink Double Knockouts are blooming machines.  There are 5 in this area now…  I love how you can see them from the road as you drive in.


On the right  you can barely see my baby Japanese Maple, but it is flaming red… I love it.  Fantastic fall color, cant wait till it gets bigger.  Also, the variegated Hydrangeas “Light O Day” are a favorite.   It is stingy with its blooms, but the leaves more than make up for it. 


A few years ago I redid this entire area to have more color in the fall.  I think one of the best things I added were the self-reseeding annuals sweet alyssum, obedient plant  and moss verbena.  They drift out into my walkway softening the edges with masses of color.  I have many plants with great foliage colors, that is another key.  I also leave the blooms on my hydrangeas… I think the browning blooms are pretty and they certainly remind me Fall is in full swing.  As we get more cold nights, things look a bit less tidy, but isn't that  the charm of a fall garden?  My job is to keep it weeded and ENJOY it.  Have been saving seeds again this year, as well as adding many new ones.  I cannot tell you how much I love growing things from seeds and cuttings.  My little baby evergreens are doing fantastic.

Thanks so much for visiting….Brooke