Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Decorating Front Porch for Fall....

Fall is officially here and I wanted to show you a bit of what I have going on.
The front borders certainly look like the season.

I leave my spent hydrangea blooms on the shrubs for interest.
And scatter a few orange leaves....
And pumpkins.....
Grapevine with orange lights...

And a silly metal Jack-o-Lantern.

Click to view full size
Click to view full size

Oh, big news.... if you click on the last picture here....
You can see that Bella kitty is almost ready to have her kittens! 

I still have a few more things to dig out from the basement....but you get the drift!
I love fall!  Thanks for stopping by....Brooke

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  1. Your place looks so seasonal. Love the blooms. I leave my spent blooms because I'm too lazy to clip them. Even your blog is fall festive.

  2. I love fall also Brooke. I love what you have done with your front porch. I like the creativity that you have used. Looks great!

  3. This is just beautiful!! SO glad to find your blog! Your house is just beautiful and the porch is so festive for Fall!!

  4. Oh boy kittens! Your fall decorations are very nice.

  5. The photos are beautiful! The light created a golden glow on the flowers!

    I see Bella! I have two indoor rescued cats.

  6. beautiful grounds! the colors jump out against the white of your home. I amazed at your talents.
    I have just over a wild acre, haha... back butts up to a huge family dairy farm & just 2 neighbors within view. I used to garden more but allergies & spinal problems prohibit that :( maybe you can walk over & help??LOL. I am esp envious of your roses, one thing I can never get to grow more than 1 year. I sometimes save seeds if the season permits & toss them in areas that are thining. the last 2 years have not been good for that :( thanks for sharing your knowledge. ~Faythe @~GMT~


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