Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weekend Blooms….


I cannot believe how fast this week has gone.  Next week we start school here in Indiana.  Where has the summer gone.  We have been enjoying the lake and swimming quite a bit.  The heat has been extreme but we have been blessed with a bit of rain and a breeze now and then.

I just have to start out with this Limelight Hydrangea, it is just a fantastic shrub.  It just glows.  I think it is one of the best flowering shrubs introduced in the last 10 years.  I am a big “Shrub” person.  I love my perennials, but if you have a good selection of interesting foliage and blooms with shrubs… your garden will always look beautiful…  Shrubs are tough, drought resistant and dependable year after year. 


Here you can see it full size, this one is 3 years old and a large shrub when I planted it.  I love how it anchors the corner of the porch and you can see the blooms for inside the house.  That is important to me, for my plant to have presence. I want to be able to see them from inside the house and from the road.  I have come to the decision I like large drifts of color.  And this is a great plant that does that for the better part of 3 months for me.


The area we are looking at today is on the left side from the arbor to the porch.  It is actually in front of our garage.   A few days ago I posted about the arbor entrance, so we are now up from those pictures.


The first thing you see is roses and phlox.  I have a bunch of color in this area all summer.



The last couple years I had a fountain in the middle of my hostas.  But it finally cracked and would no longer hold water.  Now it is the base for my arborvitae planting.  I picked up this metal trellis last year at a garden show and really like it with the evergreen.  Hope it holds its color for good winter interest and a place to add Christmas lights.


The window boxes are mostly perennials this year.  I decided I had spent too much money in the past on annuals.  You see I like my window boxes SUPER FULL and you can spend MAJOR $$$ getting that look if you are not careful.  I had extra ferns, hostas, purple coral bells, husker red penstemon, and litrope… the only annual in it is some caladiums.  I love them…. have them in several containers this year and will either try to save these bulbs or do more next year.  They have not wilted, browned or drooped all summer.  :)


The little pink bloom you saw was my new “Lady in Red” Hydrangea, it is a rebloomer and this is a new bloom.  It is quite small, but doing very good so far.  Love the ones I have seen full grown.


This picture is dark, this area is about the only full shade I have…. so many of my hydrangeas are here, one you cannot see is Invincabelle Spirit, it is under the far window box.   It is mostly green now, but another good choice shrub.


The opposite side of this walk is all new this year.  I have had some drainage issues here.  But I have moved things around and now it is a nice place for things that like the water… which is new to me.  Lots of irises, daylily, ect…. all the new hybrids I have been collecting are in this new bed so they can be showed off next spring and summer.  I have been calling it an “Iris Walk.”


The blue you see is a Proven Winners “Blue Satin” Althea or Rose of Sharon.  Wow is it a good doer, and such a pretty shade of blue.  Especially with the creamy green blooms behind it.


Here is another shot of it, I am training it into a tree form.  It is about 5-6 ft. tall this summer.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour, I took so many pictures this week, so expect several new posts from me.  I feel like I need to pace myself and “save them” with everything blooming right now, I wonder how much color I will have in the fall.  But I worry every year and it ends up looking good.  I know I have at last one or two trips to the nurseries left this year….lol.  Always room for more plants!

Happy Gardening….Brooke


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  1. I like your thinking! I have a bed to redo, perhaps two and would love to add more hydrangeas. I now have a Pink Diamond and an Endless Summer (which so far has been an endless summer of green foliage!). They are one of my favourite shrubs along with Mock Orange, barberry and ninebark.

    Thanks for the lovely tour. Your garden looks terrific.

  2. Wow, you've got such gorgeous gardens. What a pleasure to visit.

  3. Your front entryway garden is lovely. So welcoming to anyone who comes by. Love the 'Limelight'. That is one hydrangea that when well planted never fails to delight me. How wonderful you can view the blooms from inside.

    Thanks for your lovely comment letting me know about Web Garden this morning.

  4. Brooke,
    You have a beautiful home and such gorgeous blooms all about. Love the window boxes and the fountain repurposed like that is charming. Thanks for linking it to Home Sweet Home!

  5. Your place looks BEAUTIFUL! I just love hydrangeas but haven't had a chance to plant any yet. Next year maybe :)

  6. Hi Brooke,
    Everywhere I go I see raves about the LImelight hydrangea. I plan to go to Home D. tomorrow to see if they still have any. I regret not picking one up last month when I was admiring them in full bloom.

    I love that you are using perennials in your window planters. I started using them in some of my deck planters a few years ago and they really do save a lot of money.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Hello Brooke, glad to meet you over at Tootsie's! Love your hydrangeas, you have a real green thumb with all your perennials, everything looks so healthy. Your garden layout is stunning, too, very pretty!

    Hard to believe summer is going so quickly, isn't it?

  8. How lovely ! Thanks for the tour... I'm so jealous of you girls with SUNNY gardens and gorgeous flowers !

    I'm having a STINKY Give Away and I'd love you to pop over to Lavender Hill and check it out !


  9. It does my heart good to tour around the gardens that are linked into my little party...I so wish every one of the people who share lived close enough that I could walk the gardens in person. Thank you so much for sharing with me this week...I hope you will again very soon!
    Hugs and smiles from Alberta Canada to you!
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.


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