Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trash to Treasure --- Repurposed Gold and Turquoise Updated Vintage Necklace

Today on Trash to Treasure we are taking a inexpensive piece of costume jewelry and repurposing it with vintage necklace pieces and jewels….


Here it the before necklace, it is nice, but nothing extraordinary.  I have worn it a few times, but it seemed to be too light to match the aqua colored shirts in my wardrobe.  


Here is the broken vintage necklace I found at a yard sale.  It is pretty, but again… not really a keeper.


I had been looking for a good project for these glass crystals… they are a beautiful peacock blue-green.


So I started by adding them to the gold necklace every third bead.  Instantly much better…


The next part was tricky…. getting the correct lengths for the chains.  I ended up adding three more glass beads to make the pendant hang lower.  I think it brings it all together. 


Here is the finished necklace… It is a blurry picture, but you can see it hangs nicely.  It can now go with sage green, taupe, turquoise and blues…  I think I will be wearing it much more often now.

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  1. WoW ~ what a super transformation! Great job.
    'hugs from afar'


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