Thursday, August 25, 2011

This weeks roses….











Just dropping in to share some pictures of the rose garden taken this week.  Many of the ones in bloom are my old fashioned looking ramblers.  They can take the heat and look a bit messy and still be beautiful.  I am amazed at how well they are blooming still.  Other things in the garden are slowing down… but the roses are still going strong. 

Back to work at the school subbing  this week, nice to see all the kids again.   It was horrible hot yesterday, but hoping to get a bit done outside today.   Thinking of redoing my wildflower bed, hubby dug up 5 new large boulders with a backhoe last weekend.  We placed them in the long wildflower bed.  I know we covered up a ton of plants, but when they come at you with 5 ft long boulders you just let them put them where they fall.  I figure a few lost wildflowers wont be noticed… and the rocks are forever.  It now makes me want to add some grasses and evergreens out there like the driveway beds.   I am hoping to find a few on sale in a few weeks. 

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