Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rose Garden Update….



I wanted to share a few pics with you today. Things are still going well in the new Rose Garden. This area was all brand new in March of this year. Almost all of these roses are only one year old. I have battled a bit for blackspot this year, but I am trying to avoid spraying and going to route of feeding and taking off any bad leaves. I think it makes them stronger and we have had frequent rains, so I would be spraying every few days. It has not been too bad, I am very careful to water at the roots only.  It seems my older roses have been doing very well, I have high hopes these new guys will toughen up as well.  I am spraying for bug though.  Jap Beetles and a bug that looks like a large lightning bug have been crazy this summer for me.  The latter this week has been eating roses, anemones and clematises.  Strange critter…. not good.











I am delighted to say my first reblooming iris is fully open this week.  I think this is an Immorality, which is a really consistent rebloomer for my area.  It is sweetly scented as well.  What a joy to have irises in August.  Last year I had them blooming thru December… one even froze in bloom.

Thanks so much for visiting!  Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.  Been going to a few yard sales this weekend…  Fun to find things for the garden.  Did you see my rusted out wagon.  Got it last month for $2.00.  Hubby thought I was crazy, but I love it.



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